Polo Original Scarf


The classic Polo Original backpack is ideal for school and any other activity.

– It is the only backpack in the Greek market that has an official registration in the competent Ministry.
– Exclusively the backpack with the ORIGINAL anatomical triangular back POLO.
– It has a characteristic design on the shoulder straps, with a reflective thread in the knitting of the fabric.
– In the main case and inside there is a small pocket with a headphone jack.

Gift multiscarf Polo scarf that you can wear in 12 different ways.


  • 1 main case.
  • 1 smaller front pocket.
  • Mobile phone side case.
  • Internal smaller pocket with headphone jack.
  • Dimensions: Y. 40cm | M. 31cm | Π. 18cm
  • Capacity: 23 lt

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