Our Story

Welcome to Georgiana Centre

Georgiana Centre was established in 1986 by Georgia Hadjichristoudia and Christina Stylianou at Thermopylon Street in Larnaca. During the first years, our services included Stationery, Typing, and Photocopies and later on we expanded to Book Selling.

In 1990 we separated our activities in sections – Typing / Photocopies from Bookshop – Books / Stationery and moved to Academia Centre, shop 45, with the final target to join, at a later stage, the two shops into one. We kept the two shops separated for six years.

In 1996, following the synchronized tendency and the needs of the market, we decided that that was the right time to amalgamate the Services and the Bookshop. So, we managed to bring them all together in one big shop (Numbers 45, 48 and 49) in the Academia Centre Complex.

We redecorated and re-arranged the space into a synchronized and modern bookshop. Georgiana Centre since August 1997 is developed properly in three re-modified spaces, which are separated into three sections: the Bookshop / Typing / Photocopies departments which continue to run until today, following high and professional standards.

Today, we are proud to say that we can satisfy today’s developments and present to you our new website/e-shop where you can stay up-to-date with all the new information, and shop easily from the comfort of your home. We also seek to better communicate with all of you, for the benefit of all of us. We anticipate your co-operation, as it is from you that we generate strength and courage to go forward and succeed in our efforts.

Thank you, Georgia Hadjichristoudia