Derwent Coloursoft Pencils 24pcs Tin


Derwent Coloursoft are highly versatile colour pencils with a soft, velvety strip for the dense application of bold vibrant colour, plus they can be easily sharpened to a fine point for detailed work. Comes in a protective tin.

Ten Top Tips for Using Coloursoft Pencils by Karen Coulson

  • •Try out every colour on the paper you are planning to use and keep it for future reference.
  • •Shade each colour from dark to light.
  • •Coloursoft pencils are soft and waxy, making them perfect for blending. Practise blending the colours together. Alternate the order of layers e.g. red over yellow, yellow over red.
  • •Write beside your blended colours exactly what you did as you may not remember next time!
  • •Try blending brown and indigo to make a soft warm black.
  • •Use black for the pupil of an eye or the very darkest marks.
  • •Use white as a wax resist for areas such as veins of a leaf.
  • •Use the blender pencil to soften and even out layers and use a burnisher pencil to add a shine or photo-like finish to your drawings.
  • •Experiment with Coloursoft over a watercolour or Inktense wash. A great depth of colour and subtle shading can be achieved.
  • •Remember temperature can affect your pencils. A warmer environment can help your pencils blend more easily, which is ideal when completing larger areas.

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