Stabilo Pen 68 Brush Cardboard Wallet of 12pcs


Even more creative: the Pen 68 felt-tip pen now with a flexible brush tip!

The Pen 68 brush is the newest addition to the Pen 68 family. With the flexible brush tip you can make thin and thick lines by varying the pressure.
The Pen 68 brush is ideal for both novice hobby drafters and advanced brush lettering artists, which makes the pen unique.
The water-based ink is ideal for watercolour painting. This way you can create the most beautiful effects.

– Flexible brush tip for thin and thick lines
– Can be watercolour thanks to water-based ink
– 24 brilliant colours, including 5 neon colours
– For brush lettering, hand lettering and hobbyists
– Unique: extremely suitable for both beginners and advanced players
– 24 hours protected against drying out
– CE certified

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