Staedtler Whiteboard Marker Orange


This Staedtler Lumocolor 351 Whiteboard Marker utilises clever ink technology which allows you to leave it uncapped for days at a time without it drying up. It has a dry-erase design so you can wipe it from whiteboards, glass and porcelain without it leaving a trace.

  • The 2 mm bullet-tip marker allows for precision and control while still producing a bold line.
  • The marker can easily be dry-wiped from whiteboards and surfaces such as glass or porcelain without leaving a trace.
  • It has a durable polypropylene barrel to protect the ink inside.
  • The marker is airplane-safe thanks to the pressure equalization that prevents the pen from leaking on board.
  • It’s toluene and xylene free making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • The marker contains orange ink.
  • It’s easy to refill using Staedtler refill stations

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