The Oxford Colour Spelling Dictionary


Encyclopedic or encyclopaedic? Marseille or Marseilles? Shakespearean or Shakespearian? Tartar Sauce or tartare sauce? Quicker and easier to use to find spellings than a conventional dictionary, The Oxford Colour Spelling Dictionary simply lists words and names (including all plurals, tenses, etc. even where regular) in a single, clear A-Z sequence. This second edition is completely up to date and includes names of people, places, companies, etc. Sound-alike words and names are glossed for clarity and the two-colour text is easy to use. A huge time-saver for anyone needing to check their spelling (especially for names which most dictionaries leave out), The Oxford Colour Spelling Dictionary gives full hyphenation for each word, making it indispensable for editors, typesetters, keyboarders, and anyone involved in desk-top publishing. In addition, both British and US spellings are given and cross-referred – vital for publishers and others importing text across the Atlantic. This book is intended for for anyone who wants quick access to spelling advice. Also essential for keyboarders, typesetters, editors, and anyone in DTP.

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