Parker 51 Core Burgundy CT FPen M


Just like in 1941, when the Parker 51 was first introduced, it is still a groundbreaking and in many ways original writing instrument. Inspired by the pen once described as the most sought after in the world, it has retained its aerodynamic shape and iconic overlaid tip. Also, the choice of colors follows the colors that Parker used in the past. The pen is made of durable noble resin and attention is paid to every detail – the lid and other parts of the pen are decorated with elements of precious metals, the individual parts are assembled by hand. The current Parker 51 is inspired by the past, but created for the future.

The Parker 51 fountain pen in the color of Burgundy is made of noble resin. Of course, there is a hidden tip, which is typical for this model line.

Noble, burgundy resin body and stainless steel lid with palladium-plated crown. In combination with palladium-plated accessories. Stainless steel tip.

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