Parker Vector XL Green CT FPen M


New Vector XL from Parker!

Vector XL Green Fountain pen.

Vector XL Fountain Pen’s larger diameter and larger nib is an upgrade to the well-known classic, delivering improved writing comfort.

The stainless-steel nib is complemented by a distinctive ‘X’ engraving, providing a comfortable and consistent writing experience when writing for longer periods, consistently true to Parker’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and performance.

Parker Vector pens are the perfect introduction to the world of Parker and a dependable partner for anybody beginning to write their own legacy. Choose a Parker Vector fountain pen for timeless appeal and impressive first impressions. Select a Vector rollerball pen for a smooth, sharp writing experience or a Vector ballpoint pen for reliable everyday expression. Each Parker Vector pen is designed to function when you need and deliver a high-quality writing experience with a durable, stylish pen.

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